our story

It’s all because of Bayley... she was my first dog as an adult and my first basset hound, a breed I had been wanting for so many years. In 2007 I found an amazing breeder out by Edmonton who had these beautiful and well bred bassets, Bayley won my heart the moment I met her. The breeder opened my eyes to the dog food industry and what ingredients to watch for and which ones to stay away from and why. She told me, “spend money on a high quality food and you won’t have the vet bills later on”, and it's the absolute truth. The more real food you can feed the better the life your dog will have. And that has been my premise from day one. I quickly noticed at that time all the treats had very questionable ingredients I did not want to feed my dog so I decided to make my own. So for many years I made treats for my dog and my family and friends dogs and then one day a friend suggested, "you should sell them!", and so began Mama Dee’s. All my treats are handmade with only the finest, high quality, human grade ingredients. Just honest, simple goodness.